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Robots or humans? Why we at Kallysoft aim for personal support.

Customer care, languages and innovative means of communication

Many of Kallysoft’s customers are located outside of Switzerland. That is why it goes without saying that we at the Service Desk work with various languages. Our customer care section is a solid part of our ITIL offer and is set up as the main point of contact for our customers. The team consists of 7 employees, who can respond to our customers’ requests in 7 different languages. Our support team can be reached on working days between 09:00 and 17:00 and is managed by our SCRUM master Kevin Zimmermann. On request of the customer we can even be available 24/7.

Our services include 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support. The first level is the first point of contact whenever there is an issue. The second level consists of IT specialists. They are responsible for software installations and problems that the 1st level could not solve. Our programmers offer 3rd level support. They are called in for newly occurring problems that cannot be solved without the extensive, systematic work by specialists.


In order to give you a better idea of our support services, let us present you our way of working and the advantages of a Service Desk.

What does the work of the Service Desk look like?

As a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) we deal with requests and issues by chat, phone and e-mail. This enables us to work both quickly and thoroughly. We use the Zendesk ticketing system and JIRA, which help us to prioritise customer requests and shape our workflow management.

The tasks of our international Service Desk agents range from regular processing of user requests, handling of contracts with third parties, to the partner onboarding in various markets and countries. But the Service Desk also handles a part of the problem management of Kallysoft. As SPoC it deals with incidents that are only escalated when necessary.

Which advantages does an internal Service Desk bring you?

Our IT teams work closely together. This shortens our organisational lines and helps the Service Desk to find an internal solution. Requests do not have to be forward someplace else. We also have integrated monitoring functionalities in our ticketing system, which enables us to identify and solve issues without customers telling us something is wrong. This way the customers are not distracted by any issues and can focus on their daily business. Our support services form the connection between all parties, from the customer and software providers, to payment service providers and other third parties. The Service Desk knows its customers and offers a customised and personal support to any customer need.

How can one create sustainable support?

We reduce the support requests by providing know-how and information. We offer workshops and software trainings that help our customers get familiar with the product. Therefore, they do not need our support as often. This makes that our software trainings and workshops are yet another important part of our services. They include online trainings, Q&A sessions with employees and on-site trainings.

But the exchange between our Service Desk and customers also helps our knowledge database expand more quickly. This enables us to deal with customer requests in an even more efficient manner.


Various tools and techniques help our daily business of responding to and solving requests. What do we find important? We especially care about the personal contact with customers, the building of mutual trust, safety and helping people. The question of whether one prefers support from robots or help from people in these times of digitalisation and artificial intelligence is for us easy to answer: we always choose people! We like our customers to experience that they are acknowledged, valued and cared for. According to us, only the human touch can make this possible.

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