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Homeschooling: Kallysoft supports the students in Allschwil

The closing of schools has affected our employees, as they are parents of school going children. Homeschooling, home office: the entire family is suddenly working digitally. But on which device? The daughter needs her father’s cell phone to hand in her math assignments on LearningView, but he happens to be in an important phone call with a client. The son is looking at videos in French on his mother’s notebook, while she should have already been in a video conference with her colleagues – HELP! WHAT TO DO?!

And what about those families who do not have these digital possibilities at home? Or maybe only the cell phones of the parents: work orders on a 5x10cm display! During times like these, we have to be flexible and improvise.

There is no doubt: we want to help!

As an IT company, we have both the experience and the devices at our disposal. Contact with the school administrators in Allschwil was quickly established and our course of action was simple and pragmatic. While we began preparing the computers and tablets, the school teachers checked the IT needs of the families. We sent e-mails to partner companies, friends and acquaintances asking them to lend or give away computers that are old or simply not needed.

We are stronger together

Around 30 families needed IT devices before the holidays, but after Easter it turned out that more than 50 families actually needed our help. We dug up more than 40 laptops, desktops and tablets from our basement. Most of these devices are not needed anymore, for instance computer, which are not quick enough for the work that we do or screens that are too small to be used by our graphic designers. But private users can still perfectly use these devices. All we had to do was configure them again. Maybe you need to be a little patient when you start them – but aren’t we all familiar with this?

This idea and motivation to help were followed by three intensive weeks during which our CEO Arnout Calmeyn and his children have prepared the computers. On evenings and weekends the living room turned into an IT workshop, the children worked as system engineers and the managing director of 80 employees returned to his roots of over 20 years ago, when he founded his IT company with installations and software projects. Why in the evening and why the CEO you ask? Well, Kallysoft continues to work, the projects of our clients go on and our employees have work to do… from their home office, conditioned by Corona.

We'd like to thank you

On this occasion we would like to thank the companies and individuals that went through their basements searching for devices, thereby fully supporting this solidarity initiative. Our heartfelt thanks go to Actelion, Alcon, the members of Badminton Club Smash and Dance Group Lollipop and other individuals. With their help we have been able to provide more than 60 functioning computers, covering the current need in Allschwil. We even have some more desktops that we could pass on in case someone requires them. We finally would like to thank Martin Münch and Cyrille Hagen from the Allschwil primary school for organising the distribution of the devices.

What will happen to these devices after the Corona phase?

A small part of them concerns items on loan that will go back to their owners. However, most devices were donated. As soon as the schools go back to the ordinary run of things, we will continue the organisation in collaboration with the school administration. It is our aim to give the devices to the families with the greatest need.

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