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In these extraordinary times we look to extend our commitment

The year 2020 has only just begun and already we look forward to its end. At the moment COVID-19 determines our daily lives. This is not only the case for private persons, families and friends: companies, schools and organizations around the world are affected by the restrictions as well and have to rely on creative solutions to current problems, such as home office, home schooling or even their mere survival. We would like to help! On this page we present you the projects we have already realized and those we have in store.

Even before the development of the COVID-19 virus led to the prohibition of contact, Kallysoft was prepared to offer all employees the possibility of home office. We are equipped with various tools and software for any type of communication, which enables us to continually offer our services.

We do not only have the digital and technological means at our disposal, but also the fitting hardware and expertise, which is fundamental in this sector. But what about our neighbors? Is our environment as digitalized as we are, or can we help and offer solutions to other companies? We have looked around in Allschwil and are realizing the first support projects.

Home Schooling for the Schools in Allschwil

One of the first measures against the spread of Corona was the nation-wide closing of the schools. The elementary school and secondary school next to us have been closed as well. Many universities, affected by the same decree, have prepared digital solutions for their cancelled classes. However, education is compulsory and takes place in classrooms, which is why many schools were not prepared to face the challenges of home schooling and digital education. These solutions were therefore not immediately ready.

Kallysoft is currently supporting the elementary school in Allschwil with home schooling and provides devices to children who do not have access to computers or tablets at home. This remote teaching is expected to start on 20 April 2020, as the schools have announced.

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures”

We would also like to present our own in-house day care center Kallymero as an option for parents who work in healthcare or who have urgent professional obligations and cannot arrange childcare in another way. This exception is also valid in emergencies when the only possible childcare is done by grandparents. You can find the opening hours and additional information on childcare at www.kallymero.ch or you can call us at 079 258 13 53 (Day care manager Linda Lehmann).

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